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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
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Kidsgrove Loop Line (Old Railway Line)

The Kidsgrove Loop Line is what is now known in the Kidsgrove area as the "old railway line". Today in Kidsgrove you can walk along the line from Tesco in Kidsgrove all the way through to Tunstall. This line used to be a key transport link in The Potteries, which today is only evident is certain parts of the area. We have kindly been provided with some photographs of the Loop Line which were taken in the Kidsgrove, Birchenwood and Newchapel areas of the line.

The owner of the photos is unsure of the exact locations, some we can work out, however others I personally have no idea over the location. If you can help, please get in touch.

kidsgrove railway station

Kidsgrove Train Station. Not much has actually changed to this day.

kidsgorve loop line birchenwood

A view taken showing the area of Parklands estate. Top left hand corner shows the section of Whitehill Road which leads from the top of Heathcote Street/Attwood Rise. The middle of the photograph left hand side shows the smallest of the 2 coal spoil heaps which youngsters used to play on because it was the easiest to climb. The larger of the two was situated at the far end of the Birchenwood playing fields and was a feat in itself to climb to the top. Childred used to slide down on pieces of tin or coal bags but they had to be careful not to end up in the pool below. The pool at the other side of the spoil heap looked like something out of Mars. It was deep, yellow in colour and gave off a very foul smell. All youngsters were warned of the dangers of this pool. Many happy hours were spent playing in this area.

kidsgorve loop line birchenwood2

kidsgorve loop line birchenwood4

kidsgorve loop line electric line

kidsgorve loop line kidsgrove harecastle

kidsgorve loop line kidsrove

A view of a train running at the back of Market Street, Kidsgrove. On the left hand side you can work out the Masonic Hall in Kidsgrove. What is strange how it goes from being one line in this photograph to being two lines in some of the others that we have been given.

kidsgorve loop line liverpool road station

kidsgorve loop line market street

A view of a train running at the back of Market Street, Kidsgrove. On the left hand side you can work out the Masonic Hall in Kidsgrove.

kidsgorve loop line market street2

A veiw of a train leaving Market Street Station, Kidsgrove. This would have been taken from the Valentine Road bridge which I would assume existed in those days.

kidsgorve loop line market street station

This is a photograph of the old station that was found in Market Street, Kidsgrove. This is just behind the back of the Kidsgrove Labour Club and those houses in the back ground are still here today. If you look the Labour Club building is to the left of the picture, however I believe this used to be the site of Kidsgrove Working Mens Club.

kidsgorve loop line newchapel

This is a view from opposite Stone Bank Road about where the skateboard park is.  The top left hand corner shows the houses in Whitehill Road (nos 149 to 161).   The path through Birchenwood from opposite Stone Bank Road used to be used by Whitehill residents when they got off the bus to get home after a hard day's work at the pot banks etc.  The path came out at the junction of Tamar Road and Whitehill Road.

kidsgorve loop line newchapel goldenhill station

kidsgorve loop line newchapel station